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How to Choose Your Stronger Program

Think of this as your Stronger menu. Let it support your decision on which program, or which program next.

Each program comes with it’s own guide and cheat sheets for individual workouts.

There is support on how to integrate cardio or intervals and how to apply the best exercise nutrition.

STRONGER 1: Basic Training

Twelve unique workouts each 45-60 minutes. Some workouts don’t currently include WU/CD (but are being refilled for you). You can pair the strength training workout with cardio before and a stretch after or use the warm up and cool down videos included that will help you establish good warm up habits.  This program also includes yoga videos which can be used as cool down or as mobility exercise you do on your days off.

The STRONGER 1 eguide includes information on how to add intervals or other
cardio to your workout week.

STRONGER 2: Smooth & Strong Cellulite Solutions

Every 5-part workout in STRONGER 2 is based on recent science about reducing the appearance of cellulite. If you want to use the proven program as is workouts from warm up to cool down will require up to 75 minutes. Best results happen from choosing the area you want to target, upper or lower body. That said, you’re encouraged not to ignore the other, but the strength and cardio exercises have to be focused for best results. You can’t spot reduce, you can’t generalize cellulite reduction, but you can reduce the appearance on areas you focus on most. That said, this program includes warm ups, strength, cardio, and cool downs and the special fascia contouring for both upper and lower body. You’ll have access to it all and the “video police” are not going to check if you’re using them according to protocol. However, no promises on reduction of the appearance of cellulite without use of the protocol. Proven programs tweaked aren’t proven any more. You will still gain strength! 

STRONGER 3: Tone & Define

Workouts are between 30 and 40 minutes long and all include warm up, cool down, and in several cases unique core. Workouts have lighter weight and higher repetition range. This is good for starting, restarting, or athletic individuals who respond well to any protocol. It’s also perfect for those who want or need to go lighter in weight due to injury or condition. It’s a time-efficient workout and all done-for-you in one spot. It’s also good for you if you’ve done other strength programs and your hormones have changed the way you respond to exercise and you need a different approach than you’ve been using.

STRONGER 4: Boost & Build

Workouts are between 20 and 58 minutes long. Every week has a unique video, sometimes two. This 12-week program includes 3 4-week cycles. The workouts in each cycle include endurance, hypertrophy, strength, and a recovery so your muscles will be challenging in different ways each week for a little muscle “confusion.” Though some of the workouts are longer, you get rewarded for it in others. You’ll use blood flow restriction bands if you choose to in every 4th week.

STRONGER 5: Muscle Mix

This eclectic compilation of STRONGER 1-4 workouts is structured to also promote progressive exercise with what is often referred to as “muscle confusion” weeks 1-3 and recovery in week 4. That is, you’ll feel a noticeable build weeks 1-3 and a little step back, when often you make the most progress during the final week of each 4-week cycle. If you like variety, and you want all-inclusive cardio and strength all on one page when you log in, this is it.

STRONGER 6: Cycle Specific Programming

Please don’t consider this one until you’ve done ideally a year of lifting consistently. It will be ideal if you’ve already done a couple other STRONGER programs prior to this one as well. This program is based around either your menstrual cycle (if it’s still regular) or around the moon. Each of the 3 months is presented so YOU determine your week 1 based on the moon/hormone cycle you’re in. There are nutrition suggestions that coincide with the exercise changes each week as well. You of course could choose to do only the exercise protocol. I highly recommend utilizing the program for moon cycle/hormone cycle at the least to experience the benefits.

STRONGER 7: Time & Energy Boost

This Stronger program answers these questions: How do I start when I’ve been away or have a compromised immune system, or low energy? How do I fit it in when I am busy and need short workouts? These workouts are shorter but you won’t find them lighter if you go heavy. I stayed on track for 7 years doing mostly 20-35 minutes workouts, and many times 10-minute workouts to keep me consistent. First, of course you find the strength workouts. Second, each week also has an interval training workout right there. Keep in mind a short interval training session is BEST even if you are a veteran exerciser, this is not just a restart or easy out. So, in fact if you’re still tired during the day without HIIT, leave it out. You do more damage by adding something that is not for you right now. If you attempt to do HIIT already under undue stress, with a compromised immune system, or with adrenal fatigue it would be exactly like saying to your partner you’re going to start taking their prescription medication. It’s not a healthy option. Length of these workouts is about 30 minutes.  Almost all workouts include a warmup. Do know yourself and warm up longer if you have arthritis or tendency to injure without.

STRONGER 8: Gym DIY Workout

Stronger 8 is a DIY gym-based* workout plan for those who want a workout plan and follow using the lists of exercises and the science-based protocol. You’ll choose from 3 levels of sets/reps to follow based on current strength training fitness– beginning/restarting, intermediate, or experienced (3-6 mos minimum consistent exercise). Follow the sets and reps as indicated. Live links in the PDF will open to a video demo if needed. (Check your device on this: you may need to copy, send to yourself but these are tested and functional). You’ll find the link takes you to a group of the exercise indicated + appropriate substitutes you may need.

Best for someone familiar with weight training, likes managing the workout, and has a solid understanding of workout structure and terms. Workouts progress to heavy weight/low reps for more intense stimulus for muscle and bone. *You could easily substitute an at-home exercise to the protocol if you’re experienced in doing so.

Workout lengths: Dependent on need for WU duration, estimate 30-40 minutes moving efficiently between. Does not include Intervals or yoga, but these are recommended if appropriate for you on days between strength. 

STRONGER 9: At Home (COMING end of 2023)

Includes brief warm up and cool down with each workout. Week 4 always recovery week. Heavier weight weights for experienced (consistently lifting 3-6 months with progressively higher weight). Requires you have weights to fatigue in 5-8 repetitions or with “2 or fewer repetitions in reserve.”  Personal awareness of any reasons to keep weight lighter to avoid aggravating existing injury. Includes one each new strength, yoga, and an interval session weekly.  Strength WO lengths: 35-40 minutes. Interval and yoga: approximately 20 minutes

LIFTED (access granted after 1st anniversary)

You’ll have your choice of doing two workouts a week or of adding a working every 72 hours in this program. If life is best when predictable and planned setting days for workouts works best. Having at least a full year of lifting consistently under your belt, you may be ready to increase frequency (though every 72 hours really only increases workouts per month by 2). Workouts range from 30-50 mins in length and change from lower weight/higher reps over each 4 week cycle for challenge variation that produces results. 

Request access after your 1st year renewal.

LIFTED 2 (2nd Anniversary gift) 

Twelve unique workouts vary in length from 30-57 minutes due to progression.  The workouts don’t include the warm up and cool down that you want to be sure you do. You can pair the strength training workout with cardio before and a stretch after or use the warm up and cool down videos included that will help you establish good warm up habits.  This program also includes interval and yoga videos each week. 

Request access after your 2nd year of consecutive membership.